I've written several novels now and lots of short stories. I am a strong believer in writing about what you know. Or at least, taking inspiration from your life and your adventures to influence your writing. My first novel was set in an office, and though I like that novel, it was not the kind of thing I wanted to write.


Since then I've  been trying to make my life more interesting so my writing has a little more adventure to it. 


You can read lots of my work below: if you do, please let me know via your favourite social media todoings. And if you're a publisher or agent then please get in touch. Happy reading. 


If you would like to perform one of these plays email here.

Benefits – a dark comedy about the day in the life of a job centre.

Stem the Decline: (one act, ten minute ish, play). It’s 2017 and the Prime Minister has put three of the brightest minds in a room and told them, with the help of Twitter, to solve the world population explosion. The play requires basic staging (a table, perhaps) and it would benefit from a projector and screen but this could be omitted. The story is dark and hopefully comic.

I'm going to write a short story a month on top of my other writings and here's the first. 


It's already time for the second short story of the year - well of the 12 monthly ones I'm going to write :) (The first one is here if you missed it)


Date Night Wednesdays

Caden moved to Cardiff for his dream job, working alone. He would like to find love, but most people make him want to scream. Will Dylan be different? One short story, two endings, one dark, one happy. Which will you choose? 


You can read it online here, or download the Kindle file over there.

Date Night Wednesdays
Download, read, enjoy :)
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Free Short Stories

Date Night Wednesday - the second of my year long project to write a short story a month - it's worth a read - even without a description here :)

Turn up the Steam - Short story, well super short story really - just something I blasted out, as you do.

Tia - bit sad this one, if you make it to the end without a tear in your eyes you're basically dead inside. 

Move – a bitter-sweet tale of a boy losing his mum and perhaps gaining a superpower.

The Hunting Analyst – the dark comic story of a man dealing with a mid-life crisis.

Life Coach – More midlife crisis stuff; I love this story, it ends well.

Scout Troop – a sort of horror story, more amazing than scary. I like this story a lot!

Collecting Memories – This is a sweet story I wrote for my other half one anniversary.

Video Game Hookers – watch out for the overuse of the word hookers – the lad in the story only knows this one word for them.

Confusional Language – nice little tale about a keen hypnotist.

George the Cat's First Christmas – a sweetly comic tale about a kitten's first Christmas.

Grindr Generation - much, much darker writing, a part work, so a chapter each month or so