About Me

For a long time I’ve just had the interview below, which is tongue-in-cheek and not to be taken too seriously. Now Google has decided to show that page first when people search for my name and that interview makes me look a little insane.

So, imagine I’m a serious person, these are the things you should know, read these and then go and read the interview.


  •  I’m obsessed by social media with my current aim to get up to 120k Twitter followers – you can help my cause by following me – here – if you haven’t already
  • My first love is writing fiction, I’ve written five novels, check out my writing here :) – if you don’t want to buy one (which you should), you can find lots of free stuff to read too

If you really want to know who I am, check out my Completed Quests. Some of the fun things I've done with my life so far :) 

Dante's Completed Epic Quests

  • I love to travel, and have been to 60 plus countries and though this is not a travel site as such, I’ve done so much travelling now that it seems a good idea to share some of the stuff I’ve learned – check out my travel section here.
  • I love learning and training in new things and I like any opportunity to help other people. I’m a trained counsellor, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, plus I’m a diving instructor, web designer and travel influencer who went to horticultural college and has a love for plants and flowers (as my Instagram will testify) – I don’t like being put in a box and struggle to answer the question ‘what do you do’ because it really does depend on the day. Oh and a Personal Trainer. 
  • I travel with my husband, we've been together over ten years. We are just a male couple who travels - this is not a blog about gay men doing gay things (nothing wrong with this of course, but it's just not us), we're just a couple, travelling and having adventures. We, of course, understand that as a male couple, there are extra considerations, like the fact they still kill gays in many countries - yes I'm being serious - and any issues like this for travellers, we will of course, highlight. 

Interview with Me

I’m not keen on writing about myself, because I tend to be someone who hides away from the limelight (clearly not true). So, I’ve waded through the web, and the layout of the information below is basically adapted from one of the millions of Robert Pattinson fan sites. (Ermm, who would have thought he needed more than one?)

Name: Dante Harker (I’d like to claim that I was born with this name, but sadly I had to steal it off of a pensioner – she’s dead now).

Height: 6 foot – or at least I used to be, in my special shoes, which I’d had for years! My partner crept down in the night and burnt them as a sacrifice to the orthopaedic fairy!

Born: At home, in a dark, almost black, mining village, which like the black mountains in Wales is not actually black. (There is a very cool story about my birth, it involves angels, or perhaps demons – I’ll blog it sometime). So, I was born somewhere in the north of England, near Sheffield, though not near enough that I have a case of the de-dars i.e. ‘Dhey don’t do dat, do day?’.

Favourite food: Hard to say, my taste buds are a little lacking so I tend to just shovel food in – not really big on the tasting part!

Favourite drink: It used to be diet cola, until I realised that I was spending £100 plus a month on it. At the minute I still don’t have one – suggestions? I have been diet coke free since 2009!

Pets: No. My sister got me a hamster, but she posted it to me and after she’d hit it with a hammer to get it in the envelope, it wasn’t much use.

Pet hates: The fact that I can never spell ‘favourite’ or ‘available’ – what’s that about? Or the fact that I am a shocking speller, even with the help of a spell checker!

Writings: This website; my first novel ‘Hell Unleashed’ (not yet published – not enough commas), 'Therapy’ (better now it has enough commas, though I tend not to let people buy it), White Boxes – fun tale of being single at 30 and The Ten Commandments, a collection of my best short stories, tons of other short stories, the odd play, and my new novel Escape the Race.


I have been working on an Epic Quest for years - here is what I want to do next - here is what I've done already!


Work: Hard to say, other than I work really hard on whatever my mind locks on to! So far I’ve been: A landscape gardener, garden centre worker, Rentokil Plant Technician (looking after house plants), Befriending Co-ordinator, Director of a Mental Health Charity, Private Counsellor and Counselling Tutor, Fundraising Manager, Student Placement Manager, Diving Instructor, Dive Shop Manager, Layabout. Community Fundraiser and Income Generation Manager and my longest job title yet, Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Manager, Social Media Manager, Writer and Travel Influencer! The shortest still starts with a C.