This site is about me, Dante Harker, the person. If you want Dante Harker the mental health professional - click here - or the massage therapist - click here (still both people, just that touch more professional :)


This was my first time on stage doing stand up. I'd really love to do more, so if you know of a venue, then please get in touch - Contact or more likely Instagram. Cheers


I am generalist. Which, to misuse a really REALLY dated reference, means I know lots of things about nothing and not too much about that.
Or I’m great at lots of things – hard to say, well hard for me to say cos that’d just be freakishly arrogant. Assuming I’m not eaten by a shark, and believe me I’ve come close, I do not want to end up in a nursing home, telling everyone around me boring stories.
Only the best for my care workers :) I want my life worthy of a novel. Or at least a dark BBC drama that’s great for the first three of the six episodes and then, just okay and tbh you would have found something else if you just weren’t so lazy :)
I’ve written seven novels, visited 81 countries and done a lot of really random things. I’m a respected therapist, great at massage and have a huge list of things I want to do.

New Novel Coming Soon - Balancing Forces!


I'm going to write a short story a month on top of my other writings and here's the first. 


It's already time for the second short story of the year - well of the 12 monthly ones I'm going to write :) (The first one is here if you missed it)


Date Night Wednesdays

Caden moved to Cardiff for his dream job, working alone. He would like to find love, but most people make him want to scream. Will Dylan be different? One short story, two endings, one dark, one happy. Which will you choose? 


You can read it online here, or download the Kindle file here

I've written a lot of stuff, and hope to write so much more.


If you clicked that link, you're probably not reading this, but if you are you'll have found that there's loads of free stuff to read and very soon, my 7th novel is released - Exciting times! 


Free short stories and everything here.


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