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Level 22... Remember you need 100 points to move up a level and you get 20 points from each of the quests you complete. 

  • Make a slate pond in my garden 

Level 21

  • Visit New England in the Fall 
  • Dive a DB9
  • Visit the Giant's Causeway 
  • Visit Athens - not sure why it's been so long for me to visit Greece, it's such an amazing country with so much on offer, especially the food! 
  • Do a photo shoot dressed as Poseidon - main pic at the top of the page

Level 20 

  • Ride a Segway - funky things these, I really enjoyed the little adventure 
  • Really enjoyed visiting Lapland, cool to be in the arctic circle at -20 
  • Visited 70 countries! Oslo my 70th country, is a super cool place - certainly if you have a full wallet :)
  • I love pretty flowers, as I'm sure you'd know if you've ever looked at my Insta. So I really enjoyed looking around Gardeners World Live. - the gardeners were indeed alive (not really an epic moment, but I liked it and really wanted to go, so here it is)
  • Visited the Tulip Fields in Kashmir ( we did this, but I like the pic of the lake below better than any tulip pics I took) 

Lovely bulb display from Gardener's World Live
Very cute house in Oslo
Very cute house in Oslo
The stunning lake in Kashmir
Damien Hirst - bit creepy!
Damien Hirst - bit creepy!

Level 19

  • Dived with sharks in Mozambique  
  • Visited a hipster destination in Johannesburg
  • Have a photo of me I like (I hate photos), taken on a white sandy beach - see below
  • See a leatherback turtle - so very cool
  • Visited the wailing wall in Jerusalem 

Level 18 

  • Floated in the dead sea
  • Visited the ancient ruins at Petra
  • Gaze in awe at Tutankhamen's tomb
  • See Lava in the Danakil Depression
  • See Hippos - recently on safari in the Masai Mara

Level 17

  • Took a cooking class in Morocco
  • Went as Puck and Oberon for Halloween

  • Completed the 10k Bear Grylls Survival Race
  • Went White Water in Slovenia - June 2016

  • Visited the Tulip Fields in Holland - May 2016

Level 16 

  • Completed my first 5k muddy obstacle course. 
  • Reached the 100k Twitter followers mark 
  • Learned to fire a crossbow and long bow (Nov 2015) - must learn to take more pictures of myself! 
  • Visited 50 countries (Oct 2015) - Visited 52 now after Vienna
  • Visited Machu Picchu  (June 2015)

Level 15

  • Visited Lake Titicaca 
  • Visited the Galapagos (pic lower middle)
  • Danced the Tango in Argentina (we’re anti-social so just Alex and I did this in our room – which was in Argentina so counts)
  • Visited 40 countries – Chile was the 40th!
  • Visited the Atacama Desert in Chile – such an amazing place (pic lower left)


  • Dress as a gladiator and go to a fancy dress party ( 31/10/2014)
  • Publish my latest novel Escape the Race (5/10/2014)
  • Had a play that I’ve written performed, such a surreal experience
  • Abseiled down a really tall building in Manchester – so much fun
  • Ran away from zombies in Edinburgh with the 2.8 Hours street game (survived)



  • Became a Master Scuba Diver Trainer (it's what comes after being a diving instructor)
  • Completed my first food challenge – I ate a Burrito the size of a warthog
  • Went on Safari in Sri Lanka and saw lots of cool stuff but most of all a leopard and her two cubs
  • Dived the Liberty Wreck on Bali – perhaps my all-time favourite dive
  • Drank Sri Lankan tea in Nuwara Eliya a hill town surrounded by tea plantations



  • Climbed Sigiriya – Lion Mountain in Sri Lanka
  • Saw the largest creature that has ever lived leap out of the ocean off the coast of Sri Lanka, the blue whale
  • My novels went on sale on Amazon (and other good book sellers). I wrote my first novel at 19 and on number five now but thought I’d just lump them together here
  • Ran a dive shop on an island that you can walk around in less than an hour, just me and Alex all by ourselves Spent a year living on that same tiny island – I went a little stir-crazy and wrote my horror Tourist



  • Wrote a monthly travel column for two expat magazines in Indonesia
  • Did a Zero to Hero course (well nearly I was an Padi Advanced diver at this point, I think you have to be none qualified for the entire todoings) – six month internship in Mexico where I qualified as a diving instructor
  • Took people diving with turtles on Gili Air Indonesia – 15 turtles on one dive and they have no fear of divers so you can take a picture right at the side of them
  • Spent an amazing week in Mexico city and despite what the press would have you believe we didn’t get gunned down
  • Visited Teothiuacan – the huge, huge pyramids just outside Mexico city and the fifth set of pyramids I’ve seen around the world 


  • Visited the pyramids of Palenque – love me some pyramids
  • Taught Diving in Singapore
  • Became conversational in a third language, Indonesian (while mostly forgetting the Spanish I’d learned)
  • Taught diving on a stilted resort over in Borneo
  • Visited a Sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica – arrived too early, had only the sloths for company



  • Drove from the ocean on one side of Panama to the one on the other and then on to see the Canal
  • Visited 30 countries
  • Studied Spanish for the week on the banks of Lake Atitlán Guatamala. Described by many as the most beautiful lake in the world
  • Watched the sunrise over Tikal, jungle pyramids in Guatemala
  • Swam in the odd blue waters of Chemuc Champey Guatemala



  • Became conversational in a second language (Spanish)
  • Saw most of the amazing sights in New York and took the Staten Island ferry
  • Saw Komodos on Komodo island – we actually spent two nights on the island, which took some real doing as from Flores they want to send you to Rinca which is nearer, but who wants to go all that way and not go to the actual island? So we chartered our own little boat and chugged there in six hours
  • Watched the sunrise over the three coloured volcanic lakes on Flores in Indonesia
  • Spent an age wandering around the world’s largest covered bird park in Kuala Lumpur (there is a fight between KL and Singapore as to whose park is the biggest, either way KL’s park is stunning)



  • Travelled between Malaysian and Indonesia Borneo through Pirate infested waters
  • Taught English at the top of a Thai mountain to a group of hill tribe children
  • Spent time with the sharks diving Sipadan on Borneo
  • Saw Orang-utans in the wild and had one wander by me at Sepilok Orang-utan Sanctuary, Borneo Spent two nights in jungle at Uncle Tans in Borneo – so many leeches!



  • Took a scooter up Thailand’s highest mountain – not something you should do in shorts, lesson learned there
  • Had an amazing meal in Borneo’s only spinning restaurant in Kota Kinabalu – sometimes you really need a break from the usual backpacker haunts
  • Got more impressed by the outside than the inside of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain
  • Swam with whale sharks in Donsol in the Philippines Came face to face with a large eyed tarsier (eyes bigger than it’s brain!)



  • Spent 4 hours picking bugs out of my teeth and helped repair three flat tires (by helped I mean paid for), to get to the Chocolate Hills on Bohol in the Philippines
  • Took a tiny boat through the stunning underground river on Palawan, Philippines, one of the world’s last frontiers (this is what the guidebook says, I’m not so sure)
  • Spent Christmas day on a crazy woman’s private island in the Philippines – I got to do this because I built her a website to advertise the fact that she needed a certain kind of man to come and sweep her away
  • Visited the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the Santiago de Compostela
  • Went through the Louvre in Paris, France



  • Stood under Juliet’s balcony in Verona (avoided reciting anything)
  • Visited Chichen Itza in Mexico
  • Swam in a Cenote in a Mexican jungle
  • Visited the Catacombs under Paris – so many skulls
  • Drank absinthe the traditional way in Prague (ooooh dear!)



  • Ate (and got very sick from) Clam Chowder in Boston
  • Said hello to a real witch in Salem
  • Visited the Sidney Opera House
  • Spent the millennium with a couple of million others looking over at the Eiffel Tower
  • Stayed out all night in a club in Berlin



  • Saw a Giant Turtle Scuba-diving the Great Barrier Reef and did my Padi Advanced Open Water after passing my Open Water course in a freezing cold quarry in the UK
  • Swam with a wild dolphin in the red sea in Egypt
  • Visited the Pyramids, Red Sea and Valley of the Kings in Egypt
  • Visited Stonehenge in England
  • Visited the Coliseum, Vatican and Treve Fountain, in Rome, Italy



  • Kissed the Blarney Stone
  • Climbed the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  • Visited the Notre Dame Cathedral in France
  • Visited Loch Ness in Scotland
  • Did a bungee jump and got a little certificate saying I was a member of a dangerous sports club  


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