Scandinavia is high on many a travel enthusiasts wish list, and for good reason! Classic style, a rich maritime history, world-class dining and cutting edge fashion are all hallmarks of this part of the world and Norway does them all well.
After 13 countries and 120 days of travel we’ve achieved the following....
As if by magic, the cold weather has arrived, the nights have grown darker, and Christmas is here again. Of course, if you live somewhere in the opposite hemisphere to the UK then – yay, warm weather and BBQ time has arrived, but also Christmas.
Quito to Bogota on a budget
The route from Ecuador into Colombia is well paved, and for many backpackers heading South to North, the border crossing at Tulcan/Ipiales is a necessary stop.
Croatia is well and truly on the tourist radar and for a good reason. From the enchanting and atmospheric Dubrovnik on the coast to the pulsing nightlife available in Split, the reasons to visit Croatia stack up. But surprisingly, its capital, Zagreb, often gets overlooked by visitors to this beautiful country.,,,
There is a Baz Luhrmann song called Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen. It has a wonderful line about why worrying is a waste of time.
Many amongst us have to save for a long time before we set off on our holiday. That’s why we try to find different ways to make the most of our budget and to ensure we get to do all the activities we’ve been dreaming about. To help you turn your next trip to the experience of a lifetime – even if you have a limited budget to spend, here are six widely spread myths about travelling on a budget debunked. 1. "If I have a small budget, I’ll have to skip all the really nice stuff." I can...
The number of international tourists who flock to the Philippines is constantly on the rise and before it gets too busy, you should be one of them.
Often, when we think of the Maldives, we picture azure seas lapping fine white sand. We occasionally think of those pointy elegant bungalows sitting proudly on stilts above calm clear waters.
Until now that is! With a new law passed in 2009, Maldivian locals were suddenly allowed to become proprietors of guesthouses and hotels in this island nation.

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