Liverpool is a great city, this post gives just a couple of reasons why you should visit.
Manchester is a city that is famous for football, music, fashion, food and its amazing diversity of people. All of these things combined, make for a spectacular place to visit with frankly, enough activities to fill a dissertation. However, with only two days to explore one particular weekend in July, our mini trip to Manchester was all about cramming as much in as possible.
I’m sure you’ve you heard the term, best-laid plans? In the UK, and most developed countries, we’re all about plans. So much so that society has even developed a pretty clear plan, or path for us through life, ticking off goals as we go.
Greece is all too famous for its sparkling blue waters and gorgeous beaches; indeed, it’s these natural wonders that bring in roughly 28 million tourists each year. Many of these visitors’ pop into Athens as part of a day trip then swiftly disappear after grabbing a selfie at the iconic Acropolis. But with a little more time, Athens is a worthy destination in its own right!
For some people, ‘bucket lists’ include seeing New York or learning to ride a horse. Now, ever a person to come up with my own version of something, I decided to set myself an epic quest.
Northern Ireland is in the midst of a tourism boom! A huge push from the government to show off this part of the world has led to increased visitors, more cruise ships and better infrastructure and its come at no better time. Northern Ireland is a place brimming with natural beauty as well as a fascinating and at times shocking history.
These five special experiences should be on everybody list of things to do leading to an unforgettable holiday in Turkey.
Before and after the heat of summer months there is still plenty to see and do on a visit to Turkey, here are a few perks of visiting out of season.
If like me, you’re a person who loves travel and gets excited about new places, there are sometimes opportunities that arise that just cannot be ignored. While on holiday in Austria I found that it’s possible to nip over the border into Slovakia for an afternoon of sightseeing with relative ease.
Scandinavia is high on many a travel enthusiasts wish list, and for good reason! Classic style, a rich maritime history, world-class dining and cutting edge fashion are all hallmarks of this part of the world and Norway does them all well.

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