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Hello I'm Dante Harker and my aim in life is to:


Travel, Write, and Tell the WORLD all about it...


I've been doing this for over 10 years and in that time I've worked with some amazing companies where I've helped them promote their products and services and they've helped me continue my travels. 


I use my blog, novels and predominately Twitter and Instagram (though I love Facebook and Pinterest too), to talk to the world about my adventures


Dante Harker - 130,000 Twitter Followers

110,000 Twitter Followers



Social Media Reach:

Dante Harker - 130,000 Twitter Followers

I am available for:


Press Trips


Product Reviews


Hotel and Guesthouse Review Visits


Launch and Promotional events


Talks and Public Speaking


Promotional Giveaways


Promotional Campaigns and support with your social media 


Guest Blog Posts on 




Some of the amazing people and companies I've worked with:

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