Work With Me

Work with Me - Dante Harker

Hi! I’m Dante Harker, I’m a social media influencer and fiction writer with five published novels, who has found that the most fun way to have stuff to write about is to travel the world.

Why Work with Me

I am an generalist who loves learning new things, as well as being a writer/blogger and social media ‘expert’, I’m also a diving instructor, trained counsellor and hypnotherapist, plus web designer and all round learner of new things.

With this range of abilities and my experience in marketing and PR this makes me the perfect candidate to help you carry out your marketing campaigns.


I’m looking for both short and long term partnerships that will be customised to the specific needs of each client. Here’s a list of the services I’m currently offering:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Product / Service Reviews
  • Social Media Promotion, including building your social media presence
  • Web design
  • Documentary and TV work
  • FAM trips
  • Guest Blogging

Interested? Send me an e-mail to and let’s talk!