Travel Adventure Type Blogs

The main reason I like to travel is so that I can have fun adventures, stave off the boredom that life often holds and find things to write about. Interesting things, not your usual bobbins, fun stuff.

I tend to then write either blog posts that are useful for other travellers, or use the adventures for fiction writing. Below are the posts that are neither of these things and are more just me talking about the adventures - I hope you enjoy them and if you have any questions, leave a comment or find me on your favourite social media - just search for Dante Harker.

A Komodo Fairy Tale

This is the first travel anecdote, a fun tale about taking a boat to Komodo Island - have a read it's fun - here.

My volcanic brush with death - Dante Harker

This is the third weekly travel anecdote I'm writing over the next ten weeks before my upcoming trip. This is a fun story, have a read

Who wants to teach English anyway

Turns out teaching English wasn't for us - find out where here

Karma in the Atacama - Dante Harker

100 miles an hour through the desert, what can go wrong with that? Find out here.

Swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines

After a mission to get to the place, we finally swam with the biggest fish in the sea - read more here

Off the Beaten Track - Philippines

This was our first 'off the beaten track' adventure - the Philippines is a fun place to explore. See how it went here

The time we were attached by monkeys - Dante Harker

This is the 4th travel anecdote that I'm writing over the weeks before we set off on one way tickets this November - click to read more.

That time we pushed our way into Venezuela

The 6th story, a nice, ear death one - read about it here.

That time we were washed out to see - Dante Harker

One of the more scary adventures we've had over the years. Find out more here

That time we were stoned off a desert island - Dante Harker

And that's that - number 10 of my travel tails in ten weeks, from ten years. Enjoy - here

My Bear Grylls Survival Race Adventure - dante harker

Buenos Aires - not quite Paris


Blog post by the interesting, yet expensive city of Buenos Aires.

Bariloche, the Switzerland of South America


This is a blog post inspired by a a photo - this time an amazing town in Argentina.

How I spent Christmas on a private island


In the Philippines once we went Christmas day on a tropical island with a crazy lady - read all about it here.

Live life by the golden rule


This isn't so much a travel story as a question that came up while I was travelling, what do you think?