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There are so many travel blogs out there that tell you how wonderful a place is and many of them are, well, wonderful. What is often missing is how much does it cost to do that amazing thing and how do I actually do it.

Fancy being a guest blogger on my site?


I’d like blogs about interesting places that are or include the following:

  • Prices – you must include the costs for as much as you can – check out my Machu Picchu post or my Galapagos post here to see what I mean. If you're including prices please include the date that the prices were correct and ideally the dollar to pound exchange rate on the day you send me the post – check here
  • Have at least 2 good quality photos to go with the post (this is a must)
  • Or just something that's really fun. A travel post that has real heart to it and wit :)

So what do you get in return?

All the basics – I’ll link back to your site, and include all your social media links, plus any bio you want to include (please send me this stuff with your blog post)
Much more fun, as you can see, the travel part of my site is new, so why send a blog post – think Twitter 

I have: 100,000 plus Twitter followers. So I will:


Of course tweet lots when your post goes live. Plus I’ll then tweet about your site/blog at least 5 times and I’ll add you to my Retweet list so that I’ll regularly retweet your stuff.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions you can use the comments form below, or check out my Contact Page.

Or you could just email me your post (with your social media details, any bio, any, single, photo you want to include and of course your website)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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