Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flight

When having a long haul flight, it is always wise to ensure that you are comfortable and safe. You do not have to be stuck on that plane feeling hungry, tired, and dehydrated. A few items can make a difference as you try to survive those 22 hours. As a result, you will get to your destination feeling fresh and also looking your best. Check out the following travel necessities for a long haul flight.

Water Bottle

One of the most vital roles of a flight is to ensure you get to your destination safely. However, that does not always come easy. Sitting in an airplane for long can also dehydrate you. 

Although the cabin crew gives out some drinks, the tiny bottles and cups may not be of much help. Even so, having a collapsible bottle can save you. You can politely ask the crew to fill up your bottle with water, as this will also ease their work of continually trying to quench your thirst.


Neck Pillow

Some people tend to think that neck pillows are bulky and useless. After all, they have travelled many times on a plane without them. What they fail to understand is that age will eventually catch up with them. Perhaps, waking up with neck pains in an aircraft can help them understand the importance of these pillows.

Even so, a neck pillow is essential in all aspects. It is small and convenient to carry around. Moreover, it is incredibly comfortable and does not make you look ridiculous to other people.


Portable Battery Bank

The last thing that any person would want to happen when travelling for long hours is running out of phone battery. If you have a working phone, you can listen to music or play video games when flying as a way of killing boredom. 

On the other hand, having a dead phone can turn out to be your worst nightmare making your journey even more tiresome. Fortunately, a portable battery bank can change everything. Whether you are using an android phone or an iPhone, carrying this item can be an excellent idea. 


Sleeping Kit

When having a long haul flight, you will reach a time where you will want to fall asleep. Nevertheless, you will always come across some distractions such as children crying or your neighbour's reading light. To set things right, a decent eye mask, which is soft for your eyes and blocks the light, will work wonders. Some of these masks can also protect your eyes from the LED lights and dry cabin air.

Another sleeping kit that can block the noise from reaching your ears is a set of earplugs. They are entirely comfortable ensuring that you slumber with ease.

Hand Sanitiser

With so many people locked up in a small space for many hours, the plane can be a large gathering for germs. Bearing in mind that most of them are sneezing, coughing, and even breathing for an extended time, it is always wise to take some measures. In this case, a hand sanitiser can help you reach your destination feeling fresh and fabulous.

If you want to touch something that you know might go through your mouth, start by applying some hand sanitizer on your hands. If you follow this rule, you can be sure that infections will never catch up with you.


Essential Oil

As mentioned earlier, the flight can be filthy. With all those individuals sharing the same small space for an extended period, the body excretions can cause an awful smell within a plane. Keep in mind that breath and body odours are not the only cause of this problem. The toilet can also cause awful odours in the fight despite the efforts of the cabin crew to keep them clean.

Luckily, carrying an essential oil can work miracles. Once an awful odour hits you, apply the essential oil on the back of your hands, wrist, or neck. The issue will have been solved by the time you are done.

Lip Balm and Moisturiser

Planes do not only contain germs; they are also dry. You might enjoy and love the air conditioning, especially if you are in a dry country. However, it will dehydrate your body really quickly. To avoid this, ensure that you pack some moisturiser and a lip balm to help you survive the long haul flight. With that, your lips and skin will remain hydrated and comfortable throughout the journey.



For those who get cold quickly, they understand the purpose of a shawl during a long haul flight. However, with the fluctuating cabin temperatures, the item can benefit everyone irrespective of whether they quickly catch a cold or not. A shawl is a material that you can easily pull out and cover yourself to control the airflow and your body heat. 



If you are travelling for long hours on a flight, do not forget to carry some snacks. Even though the airlines provide food in planes, the meals are never enough. Moreover, the airlines have some limited meal times. For instance, some flights will only offer you breakfast and dinner. 

To avoid being hungry in between those hours, carrying some snacks can make things better. So, some nuts or cereal bars can keep you going. 



A long haul flight will eventually require you to sleep. So, if you do not want to wake up with bad breath, a toothbrush and toothpaste should never be forgotten in your travelling bag.

A small toothbrush cover is also crucial to keep germs away. With all these, you will land feeling fresh and clean, and you will not have to worry about stinky breath.


The above list of items will help you to have a smooth and easy long haul flight. If you remember to pack all of these items, your travel experience will never be the same again. An entertaining and relaxed journey is everyone’s dream.