A Slovenian Adventure Tour - Dante Harker

We went... it was amazing. Here is the first blog post - Five Best Adventures in Slovenia 


Pretty much out of the blue, Alex and I have been invited on a press trip to Slovenia – an adventure trip no less.


In case like me, you were wondering where Slovenia is, here’s a map to save you time on the Google.


I have to say, I’m not 100% sure who we’ve been invited on the tour by, I think it’s the tourist board, but the communications are a little, well vague, super polite but vague.




I know that we are flying there on WizzAir, which sounds a little like bobbing around Europe on a cute purple roller coaster.


Plus, I know (now) that Slovenia is renowned for its adventure activities.


We’ve been told that we’ll be white water rafting (let’s hope this goes better than the last time, on Borneo, when I nearly died – never ideal), zip-lining, trekking, seeing bears (random I know), some other things and cannoning. I had to look the last one up...


“CANYONING - DISCOVER NATURE'S MOST SECRET PLACES” Canyoning is an unforgettable experience. Discover a world of canyons, water has formed them through thousands of years, which is normally inaccessible. You will rapel down the waterfalls, jump into crystal clear pools and toboggan down polished chutes under the instruction of our experienced guides.” – From the company’s website we’re going with – Sport4fun (does this sound like fun to you?)


It sounds super exciting and it’s free so I’m not about to complain, well I might, but I’ll do it quietly. If you want to keep track of the trip, see pics and videos etc, then you can do it in all the ways shown below. 


If you've been to Slovenia then please let me know how you got on and what you liked (through whatever social media you like best) - and I'll be tagging everything with #dhslovenia