Grindr Generation a fictional partwork by Dante Harker

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In Grindr Generation the characters talk about a Grindr Scrip - what I've written below is basically how I see it. I'm very judgemental and opinionated remember :) - I'd like some feed back, and some general comments, so if you have them, leave them below and I might incorporate them into the story.


There is a pretty standard Grindr Script that guys use on that app (and all these kinds of apps). 

If you use Grindr for more than a few minutes you'll notice that 90% of the guys on there have been conditioned to say pretty much the same thing - which is a little worrying when you think about it. 


If both parties are using the same script, it generally follows a similar pattern to below: 


G1: Hi

G2: Hi, u okay? (it pains me, and my phone for that matter, to leave out all the letters in words, but that's just how some write - in my opinion, people who shouldn't be allowed out unsupervised, but that's just me)

G1: Gd u? (it's like the 90s all over again - but not because you have to shorten words, more because you're just lazy)

G2: Got pics?

G1: (sends pics)

G2: He either says something dull and unoriginal like 'nice' or if he's feeling super generous 'hot'.  Chips are nice, cheese and wine are nice, people should be 'handsome' or 'fit' or.... suggestions? Or worse, he says nothing at all and just sends matching pics back. This then leaves it to the G1 to have to say something back even though his pics were basically ignored - odd.

G1: Nice

G2: What you into (or progressively worse versions of this 'wot u into' 'wot u in2' or even, and this one makes me want to take guys to once side and slap them till I feel better - 'in2' - notice no one bothers with a question mark, I mean, why would you?'

G1: Now comes a blasted off list that will generally point out a guys role - top/bottom etc (the one who fucks or the one who gets fucking). He'll then usually one or all of the following - kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking, and generally some alluding to how open-minded they are.

G2: You free?


...And assuming both guys are, they arrange to meet, and the rest is history.


What Appears to Happen More...

It seems more often than not, this is where it falls apart, one guy will start asking lots of fantasy-esk questions 'what would you do to me' etc. - they are clearly having man fun, and when they've done that, they vanish. From everyone I talk to, this seems to be much more common than actually meeting. It's basically, just pic collecting and fantasy wanking. 

99% boys - it seems that 99% of guys are all talk and only 1% actually meet - hence the term 99% boys


This is a wonderfully modern thing where guys just stop talking. At best, they stop talking half way through a conversation. Literally, stop replying and if challenged on it, they'll have an excuse. Imagine doing this in real life, just walking off mid-conversation.

'So what you up to...' nothing comes in reply... 'err, hello, where you going, mate? I'm here, hello, why you getting in your car, where are you going?...'

At worst, guys arrange to meet, they've planned it all, talked it all through. They know everything down to the letter (even where each other likes to cum - I know! Odd, but it's a common question apparently). Then it comes to the time of meeting, and one of them just blocks the other. He doesn't say why, doesn't give a reason, or an excuse, nothing. Just blocks leaving the other man hanging, angry and annoyed. 

Worse, when this happens a couple of times, it starts to become acceptable behaviour and more and more guys do it to each other. Weak, I hear you say, yes, but still common place. 

I'd love to hear what you think and what experiences you've had. Either leave them in a comment below, or if you want to share something anonymously, then why not drop me an email - I'd leave to hear your stories.  

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