Grindr Generation a fictional partwork by Dante Harker

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Chapter Eight

Over stuffed Sock


Power walking did Toby’s lower back no favours. But he had always walked fast thanks to his mum, insistent that time getting to a place was a waste of time and should be shortened at all costs. 

The cost today found him walking a little too fast for his legs and much too fast for his lower back. Blood pumped his muscles around the lumbar region as he pushed his way up the steep hill towards the gym. He had no choice but to slow down and did his best not to grimace as he took each step.

In the doorway, Jamie greeted him with an amused smile and said, ‘you look shattered already mate, you sure you’re up for a workout?’

‘I’m fine, just walked too fast again. I really should learn to chill and walk at a decent pace, but chilling is for the…’ Toby didn’t get to finish. 

Instead, Jamie said, ‘lazy. Yes mate, you tell me this all the time, but sometimes a little lazy is good for you. I’m guessing your back hurts again, right?’

‘It does indeed. Anyway, enough of this pointless chat, can I just say OH, MY GOD, what totally fucked up meeting.’ Toby waved his arms in the air has he spoke. Toby, not a particularly camp guy, resembled more someone batting away flies, than a more enthusiastic gay man. 

It’s not like they hadn’t texted each other the whole walk to the gym, but Toby really felt the need to rant about the meeting in person.

‘It’s just… what’s the point of having such a big cock if you can’t keep it hard?’  Toby asked as they walked up to the gym reception to swipe their cards. 

The receptionist, whose girth seemed more fitting to a kebab counter than a gym, looked up as they approached. For a moment Toby thought she might offer some suggestions on the size issue, but instead, she just scanned their card and went back to the Cosmo Magazine she had tucked under the desk.

‘You get the irony of that right?’ Jamie said as they walked into the changing rooms. Noticing that packing their gym gear into his favourite locker, Toby grunted ‘What do you mean?’ 

‘The only reason you were going to be bottom is because you couldn’t get hard the other night, though to be fair, you were totally wasted.’ Both ready for the gym, they packed away their bags, grabbed towels and their drinks bottles and walked through to the weight room.

‘That’s not entirely true, I’ve been thinking about going bottom for a while, and that guy was super-hot in his photos.’

‘And in real life?’ Jamie’s voice carried around the near empty room as they walked over to the heavy, big boy, equipment. 

‘Summer body in his pics, winter body when he arrived – not ugly, just not as toned as the pics he’d sent over.’ It being leg day, both Jamie and Toby loaded up the rack for a couple light sets to get warmed up.

As far as the gym is concerned, for most, Sunday’s meant chilling, leaving the place practically empty. Only a couple of diehard lifters were in, the odd, “arm day, everyday” guy with giant arms and legs so thin they threated to butte at the knees.  The other guys who had braved an afternoon session looked like students, though eye bags the colour of day old tea told of a heavy session the night before. 

‘And you didn’t say anything to the guy about his body?’ Jamie scrunched up his face on the word ‘body’; it bugged the crap out of him when he get sent dated pics. 

‘What like?’

Without hesitation, Jamie said, ‘Like, you look nothing like your pics, so thanks for coming over, but I’ll let you go.’

I coupe of yoga types walked into the gym, a man and woman, both with super tight top knots that Jamie imaged moved their nipples up at least an inch. 

‘Oh, that’s a bit harsh mate’ Toby said while slipping himself under the bar and readying himself for a deep warm up set of 20 squats. 

On each upward movement Toby grunted a little, a useful sound to help Jamie count his reps. Without that it would mean he had to keep a better eye on his friend rather than let his eye wonder around the gym looking for fit lads.

The count out the way, Jamie cocked his head a little and said   ‘It might be a little harsh but sure it it’s much worse to have sex with someone just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings?’ He swapped places with Toby and sank as deep as he could to each of his friend’s counts. 

’17, 18… well done, keep it going, 19, 20… Totally yes, but it’s not like he was hideous.’

‘You wanted to see his cock didn’t you,’ Jamie replied once he’d gotten his breath back from the set.

They swapped again, and this time Toby banged out his second set much quicker than usual so he could say, ‘Fine, I admit it, I wanted to. It’s so rare you see huge cocks in real life. I mean you get to see nice ones, strong sevens and often thick, but this was meant to be ten – that’s huge!’

The two warm-up sets out the way, both men started loading up the bar for the real work. 

‘What you going for today? Trying for max?’ Jamie asked.

‘Yeah, so two ten, then perhaps two twenty and then see where I get to from there. It’s getting busy in here now though, I hate going heavy when it fills up.’ A pack of young students bounced their way into the room, their leader out front, fitter than the others and an inch or so taller. His smile bright, he clearly knew where he sat in the pecking order. They surrounded the bench press, a group of piranha, eating up the machine so no one could use it for the next hour.  

‘Fuck’em, it’s a gym and if anyone in here can squat two hundred kilos without making a noise I’d like to see them. The bar loaded up, Toby took the weight on his shoulders. The towel he’d wrapped around the bar felt soft against his shoulders; though he knew it would do very little. A pad wrapped around the bar did very little either, given the weight though the soft of the towel always made him feel a little better. At least until the pressure bruising appeared across his shoulders. 

‘You made that look easy,’ Jamie smiled as his friend pushed through 12 reps. Easy wasn’t the word Toby would have used. He felt like he’d held his breath through the entire set and was now gasping slightly. He was also aware that several heads around the room had turned his way. He had done what he could not to huff, puff or grunt, but he wasn’t sure how successful he’d been. 

Both men unloaded the plates, agreed on a weight for Jamie and then after he had quickly banged them out they went back to the giant cock conversation. Jamie liked to squat heavy, but this wasn’t his big exercise, he preferred to go heavy on the deadlifts, and that wasn’t today. 

‘So, was it as big as in the picture? Do you reckon it was ten inches? Gays really can’t measure mind,’ Even over the bustle of the early evening crowd Jamie’s deep voice carried across the gym. He really didn’t care. 

‘That’s so true about measuring, though I think if you tell a gay man that he’ll accuse you of being homophobic. Still, so many times I get told a guy has 8 inches, and then they send pics, and it’s clearly average. I just don’t get it, why lie?’ With his foot Toby pushed at one of the 50kg dumbbells someone had left on the floor, as expected, it didn’t move. 

‘You going for 200?’ Jamie asked as he started to load up the bar. When Toby nodded yes, Jamie continued, ‘Thinking about it, I don’t reckon it’s that gays can’t measure. I think it’s more that they’ve decided on the size of their dick by comparison to the other guys they’ve met.’

After totting up in his head that the weight on the bar was correct Toby continued Jamie’s musing, ‘Perhaps a while ago, a guy said he had 6 inches when really he had 5. And then the guy who he was shagging, actually had 6, but now thinks that his must be 7, as it’s bigger than the other guys and so on.’

James laughed. ‘Then eventually every guy thinks they must have a least 8 and that’s what they start telling everyone. Either that or guys are just liars.’ 

‘Or they measure as teens and assume that it must have grown since then, so they just add a couple of inches on for shits and giggles.’ Toby grinned as he readied himself under the bar.

‘There’s a lot of weight on here now dude, be careful you don’t break.’ Jamie moved behind Toby so he could spot him under the bar.

‘Thanks for those kind words of support. If I do break can you avenge my death and tell that cute student type over there that I love his tattoo.’ Toby instantly regretted his attempt at a joke.

‘Which one, the one stood with the two in blue?’ Like an arrow, Jamie’s voice flew across the gym and landed right in front of where three student stood chatting rather than working out. 

‘Excellent, well done. Now they are all staring this way just in time to see me grunt my way through another set.'

‘Best look manly then. Nothing turns a student on more than a bit of macho grunting,’ Jamie replied. 

‘You know I’m more going to look like I’m shitting my pants, but fine, I’m getting on with it anyway.'

‘That’s the spirit,’ Jamie said as he placed his hands under the bar and followed Toby up and down as he grunted his way through a set of ten. 

At the end of the set Toby struggled to get his breath back – having again pretty much held it throughout the set. Jamie raised his eyebrows. ‘So the guy, are you saying it was 10 inches but he didn’t get hard?’

With his arms up and fingers laced behind his head, so he could draw in a full breath, Toby finally answered ‘Yeah, so I got past the difference in his pics to real life. Did all the kissing malarkey, started playing with his cock through his jeans. Nothing much happened, but then I just assumed it would just take more time, it being big and all.’

Weights clinking against the bar punctuated their talk as they loaded up for the next set. Toby talked quieter than Jamie, trying to give the topic of the conversation the subtly it required. Though he only did this when there were cute lads in earshot, and he didn’t want to give them the wrong impression. 

‘Did you get hard?’ Jamie interrupted

‘I felt a stir.' 

‘Well that’s something then,’

‘Yeah, that’s what I thought,’ Toby said as he got into position to spot Jamie. Fresh sweat and a zingy tang of body wash mixed to create a heady aroma that rushed up Toby’s nose. With each squat Toby kept his hands loosely under the bar and followed Jamie up and down. Their bodies were only inches apart as they moved through the movement. 

Anyone who knew Toby had seen him spin around in a circle with his arm held out in front of him and point out that only the precious few were allowed in past his fingers. 

Of course, at times the horn got the better of him, it being hard to attempt sex with guys if they had to stay two feet away. 

When finished with the set, Toby stepped back to a more comfortable distance and Jamie asked, ‘So, did he try to fuck you then or just leave it?’

‘Oh, he tried. We got naked, got on the bed. I started to blow him, and he was huge. Though it felt like a large sock packed with other socks – which is a little odd for a cock to be honest.’

‘Yeah, I know what you mean. There is something about the really big ones, as if they just can’t get enough blood in there – still, could have been worse, it could have gotten rock solid, and him pass out, that would have been awkward.’

‘God yeah, can you imagine. Still, I could have ridden him quickly, ticked “get fucked by a big cock” off my list, and woke him up.'

‘You’d have fucked him unconscious?’ Jamie asked with a big smirk on his face. 

‘No need for that tone, I’m sure half the twinks you take home are barely conscious given how much drink and powdery stuff they pack away.’

‘Powdery stuff?’ Jamie mocked.

‘You know what I mean.’ Toby added, ‘MDM Bobbins, I can never remember the initials!’

‘A, you’re missing an A.'


‘It’s MDMA, the powdery stuff the twinks keep whacking up their noises. It’s cheaper than booze and gives them the courage to look up from their mobile phones. Which normally I wouldn’t encourage, but it does make it easier to fuck them.’

The couple with the top knots muttered to one another. They looked like they were watching a salacious sex scene on TV but their parents were in the same room. They very much wanted to hear and enjoy what was going on, but watching in company made them feel dirty.  

‘Side note, what you going for now – 230? What’s your max?’ Jamie asked as he started loading a 40kg plate onto the bar. 

‘230 is what I got last time for one, so I should push for 235, don’t you think and try and get a couple of reps out?’

‘I think if it were me I’d be crushed under that weight and need seven or eight of these skinny student types to drag the bar off me.’ Jamie sucked air in through his teeth at the mammoth task his friend was taking on, and gestured around the room at the students.

‘You know those skinny student types can hear you right?’ Toby said, his voice a more suitable level in the hope that those nearby would go back to their workouts. 

‘Perhaps I want people to hear me?’ Jamie bent at the knees, took a breath in and hosted up another 40kg to the bar.

‘I think you can’t help yourself and you just live for the attention.’ Toby stacked his side, wondering if his back would hold out for this set. 

‘You say that like it’s a bad… thing,’ Jamie paused a second in his reply as he worked out how he was going to make his half of 235kg with the weights around him. 

Trying not to roll his eyes, Toby said ‘I’m saying it because everyone is listening into our conversation, which is fine and all unless you go and insult someone, which you have a habit of doing.’

‘There’s no 2.5’s’ Jamie caught one of the Top Knots eyes as he scanned the vicinity for the weight he needed. He rarely cared about people’s judgement of his actions, even though he found it super easy to see when someone didn’t approve. Top Knot did not approve, either that or he was constipated, the look on his face could have been either. 

‘Ha, off you go princess, go find the weight, see how many glares you get for being so loud and vulgar.’ 

Jamie trudged off to hunt down one of the small plates. Rather than stare and mock him if he looked uncomfortable, which would have been fun, though did seem a little mean, Toby picked up his phone. There was a message from the super hung guy saying, ‘Thanks for an amazing session, we should do it again soon’ – Toby glared at his phone, incredulous that the man had the cheek to send a message. He ignored it and didn’t reply.

There were a bunch of ‘hi’s’ which he also ignored, or at least noted that he’d go back to them later if he got bored enough - which he inevitably did around bed time. 

One message said just the word ‘fun’ – meaning did he want to have sex, to which he replied his standard ‘Yes, hysterical thanks’. 

Just before Jamie stomped back over, looking awkward and uncomfortable, someone had sent Toby just a face pic. Nothing else, no introduction, just a miserable face, where the guy looked like someone had just slapped his arse. Toby replied ‘??? Would you walk up to someone in the street and just stand there and expect them to start a conversation? You know they’d run off, right?’

‘You’re giggling to yourself, are you trolling Grindr again?’ Jamie walked up and put the 2.5kg on the bar. 

‘No! Well yes, but only because the guys on there are dicks.’ Toby snapped, then exhaled and moved himself under the bar. 235kg looked a huge amount of weight and as his little outburst had recaptured people’s attention and added one or two more, there were now more eyes on Toby than before.

The soft towel now pressing against Toby’s neck, he said ‘On the subject of dicks, that giant dick guy just messaged me to say thanks for a great time, and we should do it again – I think guys are delusional don’t you.’

‘He didn’t fuck you then?’ Jamie asked. Toby couldn’t be sure if the walk across the room had muted his friend at all, if anything he seemed to put even more stress on the word ‘fuck’.

‘You can’t really call it fucking. The guy just made a big deal of getting out a cock ring and some special “big man dick” condoms. Then he spent ages kissing me with his smoker’s breath while he yanked and pulled on his dick until he’d got the thing trussed up like a stuffed pig.’

‘And then what happened?’ Jamie asked as he got in position to squat behind his friend, his friend who always smelled of coconut. Toby had body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body spray and he had even found an underarm deodorant that smelled of the inoffensive nut. It being an inoffensive smell was the reason Toby layered himself up in it. 

‘It’s the best fragrance for the gym, I read it in Men’s Health,’ Toby had whittered once. 

Jamie had told him once that perhaps coconut body lotion might be taking it too far, but Toby had carried on lathering himself regardless.

Thankfully, the scent mixed well with fresh sweat, handy given how close you need to get when you spot someone who’s squatting.  

‘You can do this mate. Come on, man up, make some noise if you have to. Let’s see if you can get three solid reps,’ Jamie’s hand rested on Toby’s shoulder, shaking him a little as he spoke. 

‘Come on. Come On. Come ON!’ Toby took the weight off the bar onto his shoulders. I jolt of pain fired into the muscle as 235kg, the weight of 3 adult males, pushed him down towards the floor. With a massive effort he pushed all thought that he might snap in half out of his mind and blasted out three solid reps.  

‘Excellent! Well done dude!’ Jamie said as Toby rested the bar back on the rack and then sank down to his knees to recover. 

After giving him a second to catch his breath, and allowing him time to get up and sit on the edge of the squat rack, Jamie said, ‘So what did he do with his sock stuffed with socks?’

Gasping, Toby replied, ‘He started thumbing it in! He got me in a spooning position, kissed my neck, which was pretty gross. I think his mouth must have been pretty dry from all the enthusiastic kissing because it stank even worse of smoke.’ 

The Top Knots just stared now at Toby, they looked invested, they had given up on trying to be covert and now just waited to hear the next instalment.

‘And then what happened’ Jamie asked as he sat on the seat opposite and lent in to enjoy every details. 

‘Well he dithered about with his cock for a while, I’m guessing trying to find my anus, which isn’t easy if you’ve nothing hard to poke it with.’

‘What did you do?’ Jamie attempted a tone of concern, but the smile on his face gave away his true feelings. 

‘Nothing really, I just let him push about down there for a while until he managed to get some of him in me. To be honest, I just thought, oh god, I’m getting fucked by a sock, a barely hard sock. And judging by the puffing and panting coming from the guy, a couple of inches of his semi inside me would be enough to get him off.’

‘Did you let him?’ Jamie asked, and the other people around him thought as they listened in. Gasping out this conversation made it loud enough to hear over the lifting of weights. Though everyone in earshot had stopped lifting and stood discreetly, and some not so discreetly as they listened in.

‘I didn’t, no. I just couldn’t let him cum and think it all went great. I didn’t get hard through any of it, he didn’t’ try and blow me, he just slathered away at my mouth and then pushed at me with his stuffed sock. Though it seems by his message, I failed in that mission.’

‘How did you stop it all though? What did you do?’

‘I just reached back, held the condom and cock ring and pulled him out. Messy stuff mind, it being semi like that it acted like an ice cream scoop. Not pretty.’ Toby thought he heard one of the Top Knots gasp, but he ignored it either way.

‘Sadly even soaking my ass in coconut spray wouldn’t have sorted the carnage.’ 

‘Oh, that’s gross.’ Jamie wrinkled his nose.

‘True, but his cock provoked my arse. If he’d have been hard and done the job of a good top I’m sure it wouldn’t have been so messy. Anyway, I babbled something about it being too big for me and ran off to the toilet. When I got back, he had dressed and pretty much showed himself out.’

‘So… you shit all over the guys limp dick, and he still messages you to have sex again? Men are just disgusting,’ Toby said as he got ready for his next set. 

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