South America

When you’re travelling, there are best-laid plans and then the things that actually happen. I’ve always wanted to go to the Atacama Desert in Chile. I’ve seen countless pictures of happy people jumping around the salt flats over the years. It’s great Facebook fodder as the flats are so, well, flat, that you can create crazy images by messing with the perspective.... READ MORE

The Equator Line In Quito


So apart from having a gorgeous climate Ecuador’s capital city, Quito also has a whole list of interesting activities to fill your days with. As well as gazing at the beautiful colonial buildings and hoofing around the countless museums and art galleries, Quito also plays host to a very special title... READ MORE

That time we pushed our way into Venezuela

In 2015 we finally got to South America. It was one of those places that I never thought I’d get to, for many reasons, not just the fact all through my teens, I assumed I would be dead by 30 (I’m now 41).

I’ve learned since that if you make a plan and work your plan then amazing trips are possible... READ MORE

Hiring a Car in the Atacama - Off the Beaten Track


What follows is not a poetic account of how beautiful and stunning the Atacama is (even though it CERTAINLY was), but a practical list of all the steps we took, places we visited, and costs for as much as I can remember to plan and organise the trip ourselves by 4×4... READ MORE

One of the highlights of my time in Chile was the vineyard tour of Concha Y Toro, not only because it was cheap and fun, but also, because there was wine. Lots of wine.

Huge barrels of wine full of potential drunkenness... READ MORE 

Quito to Bogota on a Budget

The route from Ecuador into Colombia is well paved, and for many backpackers heading South to North, the border crossing at Tulcan/Ipiales is a necessary stop... READ MORE

5 Unmissable South American Experiences - Dante Harker

Covering almost 8 million square Kilometres, and holding 12 different countries, the continent of South America could fill a lifetime of adventure and intrigue... READ MORE 

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