Five Days in Slovenia - The Highlights

Every once in a while, a new country pops onto your radar that you have never considered before. This is usually down to the globe just being too big! But for me, Slovenia had never quite made it to the top of my list and now, having seen what’s on offer, it seems criminal that I took so long to visit this perfectly formed little place... READ MORE 

5 Best Adventures in Slovenia

I re-adjust my feet in the boat as we face another churning swell. Glacial water is thrown into my face as I struggle to stay upright and row feverishly... READ MORE 

How to spend 72 hours in Vienna

Vienna has long been on my ‘must-visit’ list, and it seems my wanting to, was for good reason. Not only is it a capital city filled with charm, culture and intrigue, it also holds quite a few surprises one would not expect from such a famous European city... READ MORE

Haus des Meeres - Vienna Aqua Terra Zoo

Animal Magic in the

Heart of the City


Aqua Terra Zoo is a converted World War Two gun tower that has been converted into the most amazing nature filled space... READ MORE

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