An Alternative Guide to your Maldives Holiday

Often, when we think of the Maldives, we picture azure seas lapping fine white sand. We occasionally think of those pointy elegant bungalows sitting proudly on stilts above calm clear waters. The Maldives is also synonymous with a special kind of hospitality; that of ‘barefoot luxury’.... READ MORE

How to Visit the Maldives on a Budget

Let’s be truthful, when we think about a beach holiday of some kind, there are a few factors that are absolutely necessary. First, there should be clear blue skies and hot sunny days. Second, a fair amount of azure water should be present. Finally, a good portion of powdery sand should be available to all parties... READ MORE

Travelling for long periods of time is a real privilege, which takes planning, saving and determination. However, unless you are independently wealthy, if you are on a 6 month tour, you will be on a budget... READ MORE

Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Philippines

Sometimes when you’re travelling, there is somewhere special you want to go, and if you’re on a traveller’s budget, then you have to generally go by the cheapest mode of transport possible. 

One of these special places for us was Donsol in the Philippines... READ MORE 

As a traveller it’s often customary to try and assert the difference between being a traveller and a tourist. I’m not entirely sure why people do this other than ego boosting, but I’ve heard people say ‘no, I’m a traveller’ many times... READ MORE

The time we were attacked by monkeys

I have to tell you now, going into the jungle on Borneo in the wet season isn’t the best of ideas. Sometimes when you travel, certainly when you’re just randomly going to places because Air Asia had a cheap flight (like on this particular trip), you have to make the best of things... READ MORE

A Komodo Fairy Tale

I’m sure when you were a child there were places that you saw on TV and in books, that you thought looked amazing but never expected to visit? READ MORE

Indonesia, an archipelago of over 17,000 islands, lies within the famed `Coral Triangle`. This triangle (or, as some call it, the Amazon of the seas) contains an astonishing diversity of marine animals, fish and coral species. The popular belief is that many fish and coral species originated here, reproduced, then spread out further into the waters of South East Asia... READ MORE 

6 Reasons to Visit Nha Trang, Vietnam

With the alluring Vietnam featuring on many traveller’s itineraries, it’s no small wonder that the country has undergone a major tourism boost in the last few years. For those wanting to experience the Thailand of ten years ago, then a visit to this nation of 90 million people is a must... READ MORE

With South East Asia being a huge draw for tourists every year, it’s no surprise that it’s getting harder and harder to find a tiny little space just for you. The emergence of cheaper flights from Europe and America has opened up the South East Asian countries to whole new levels of travellers arriving at airports... READ MORE 

Travellers of all types have flocked to the vibrant and chaotic city of Bangkok for many years, and with a fantastic infrastructure, it shows no sign of slowing down. However, one common mistake that tourists and holidaymakers make, is neglecting to explore beyond the recommendations from the guidebook... READ MORE 

There is something about Chocolate that has captured our hungry imaginations for a long time now. As far back as 1400 BC, Cacao has been used as a natural remedy, health drink, anti-oxidant and general, all-round delicious thing to consume... READ MORE

That time we were stoned off a desert island - Dante Harke

This is one of ten fun stories from ten years of travelling - it's ten because I had ten weeks before we were going on our next trip and it forced me to write one a week (I know that's an over use of the word ten :) - the rest are here - read more about this adventure HERE

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