The Best Places to Eat in Joburg

Johannesburg may be less famous than Cape Town, but what it lacks in White Sharks and table mountains, it more than makes up for in opportunities to indulge your inner foodie... READ MORE

Awesome Reasons to Visit Johannesburg

For the uninitiated, South Africa is a country that has a LOT going for it. Wild safaris in the national parks, raucous nightlife in cosmopolitan Cape Town and spectacular diving is up for grabs for shark enthusiasts... READ MORE

Ponta Do Ouro, your Budget Dive Safari in Mozambique

Miles of photogenic beach, rugged sand dunes and lush vegetation is the stuff of dreams. When paired with jaw-dropping dive sites and a well-established tourist infrastructure, it’s not difficult to see the appeal of Mozambique. In particular, Ponta Do Ouro or ‘point of Gold’ which lies at the most southern of Mozambique’s 2,400 kilometres of coastline... READ MORE

Azura Benguerra Island, a Dreamy Location for your Mozambique Holidays

The propellers of the chopper are at full speed and my stomach lurches just a touch as we leave the ground. Within moments, I forget that this is my first time in a Helicopter and gaze down in awe at the spectacle below... READ MORE

Nhanombe Lodge Zavora, your Ideal Accommodation in Mozambique

We clamber over hot sand up through the foliage and, as we reach the peak of this mini sand-dune, we can hear waves crashing against the rocks below. We round a corner and get rewarded with a spectacular view; miles of golden sand fringed by epic sand dunes, waves rolling in and tumbling upon the shore. It’s this view we have come for, here, to a remote point in Mozambique... READ MORE 

Where to Stay for your Mozambique Holidays

Snaking its way down the Eastern coast of Africa is a country that has yet to be discovered by mass tourism. Within it’s lush green boundaries wild animals roam through verdant landscapes and people with generous smiles welcome with open arms. Seemingly endless pristine beaches invite travellers and are lapped by sparkling Indian Ocean waters. If you think you know Africa, you clearly haven’t been to Mozambique... READ MORE

Mozambique Overland, Pemba to Vilankulo by Bus

In the event you didn’t already know, Mozambique is a vast country. No really, I mean absolutely huge! Snaking down the East coast of lower Africa, from top to bottom its almost 2,500 Kilometres and in total has a land mass of 8,000 square KM. Yes, it’s that big... READ MORE

The Maasai Mara, how to have a Budget Kenya Safari

Ask anyone who has a bucket list, and chances are, a Safari of some kind will feature on it. For sure, there are options all over the planet, but when you think ‘Game Drive’, you think Africa. For nature fans the world over, an African holiday simply wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to observe a bunch of cool mammals in their natural environment... READ MORE 

 Exploring Volcanoes in Africa - the Danakil Depression on a Budget

The Danakil Depression lies in Ethiopia’s sun-scorched northern border with Eritrea. For people who love stark landscape, unsettling heat and wild adventure, the Danakil is an absolute ‘must do’ activity... READ MORE

Why base yourself at the Laico Regency Nairobi, Kenya

Everybody loves a good Capital City right? Whether it’s a place for indulging your inner foodie, soaking up local culture or getting to ‘shop til you drop’ in one of many designer stores or boutiques, most capital cities offer the lot... READ MORE 

Mekele to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia on a Budget

For those unfamiliar, Mekele (or Makale) is the town in the northern Afar region of Ethiopia that serves as the jumping off point for tours to the Danakil Depression and Erta Ale Volcano. It’s a fascinating, rugged, grubby but exciting place to travel in at the moment... READ MORE

How to Visit Ethiopia on a Budget

Until very recently, the East African nation that is Ethiopia was a place not only avoided by tourism, but it was also a place limited to the wealthy. From Luxurious charter flights to swish mountain lodges, if you had the dollar, Ethiopia was waiting for you... READ MORE

A Perfect Christmas in Cairo
When folks think of their ideal Christmas destination, often, images of snow- capped mountains, rustic wood cabins and steaming mugs of hot cocoa spring to mind. But for those that enjoy a warmer climate and the ability to indulge in some great food as well as shopping and city life, then Cairo might well be just the place! READ MORE

The Best Reason to Visit Mombasa, Kenya

The Best Reason to Visit Mombasa, Kenya

Its true what you’ve heard! Kenya is well and truly the easiest East African country to visit and, with better transport connections than most countries on the continent, its something of a mystery to us as to why more people don’t visit! READ MORE

Why You Need to Visit Ethiopia in 2017

Sandwiched between 6 wildly different countries in North East Africa is a nation of fantastic variety. Largely undisturbed by mass tourism, and with a gradually improving infrastructure, Ethiopia is a place on the brink of being the next big thing on the continent... READ MORE

A Culinary Tour at the Intercontinental Semiramis, Cairo

The lights are dipped very low, and a live pianist is tickling the ivories in the corner. Among the grand leather sofas and flickering candlelight, my partner and I are enjoying a nightcap. He has an old fashioned, and I opted for the Spicy favourite. We soak in the atmosphere at the Ambassador club at the Intercontinental Semiramis and enjoy our last night in Cairo... READ MORE

The Best Luxury Hotels in Israel, Jordan and Cairo

The Best Luxury Hotels in Israel, Jordan and Cairo

As travel professionals, there are many different things that keep us getting on planes. Whether it’s that desire to see unfamiliar sights, taste strange foods or simply wander carefree through an unknown street with no particular destination in mind; the motivation is always the same. We travel because we want to experience a different part of the planet; and depending on what trip we have in mind, that can mean a whole world of options and opportunity... READ MORE 

48 Hours in Marrakech

We drive through the gates of what appears to be a centuries old fort to enter the Medina, the old city, and, as the sun sets over the tops of ramshackle rooftops we are met by the guide from our Riad. He relieves me of my incredibly heavy backpack and leads the way (I'd rather have carried my own, but it's the custom to help)... READ MORE

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