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DHPHotoMission Dante Harker Photo Mission

This is on hold until we start travelling in November 2016

I love Instagram and I love filling it with photos of cool and pretty things that and I love a good photo missions (more on this later). When I’m travelling this is easy to do. So many amazing things all around. 


If you’ve read this blog post - What to do when not travelling – then you’ll know that I’m back in the UK doing home-based things until next year.





If you add this to the fact that I work from home, mostly on my own (excluding the cat), then you can see that finding things to take photos of can be pretty tricky. To keep my Instagram alive and to stop people unfollowing me (oh the horror), I have to post something every day. If I don’t want that to be a pic of my food or a selfie, and believe me no one wants the latter, then I have to come up with some ideas.


This is where #DHPhotoMission comes in – every few weeks I'm going to set a new mission and take photos around that theme.


If you want to join in then tag your pictures on Insta and Twitter with #DHPhotoMission and if I spot them I’ll retweet them and say hello.


Simple right? Well we’ll see. 


You can actually buy some of my best photos as prints and as cool cards and everything! Check out this link


The current mission is







To the left were the best pictures from last weeks theme of #DHSlovenia


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Previous #DHPhotoMissions

#Animals - an easy one this, I love animals and a lot of our travels are to see different beasts over cities or landmarks etc.

#Tulips - after a visit to the tulip gardens in Holland I got some amazing pictures, these were just a few of the 100s I took - there'll be more in Insta I'm sure in the future. 

#Historic Leeds is a lovely northern city and there are some great places around it. Current favourite is around the canal and Kirkstall Abbey

#Nowherespecial - I can't help but take pictures of flowers. They only vaguely fit in with this hashtag as they weren't in any place special (yep an excuse to take pics of pretty things). The other two here are an amazing boat and my old passport stamps that I framed. I'm just that kinda guy. 

#Seaside - this was the first photo mission - some lovely shots taking in Scarborough, which is (I think) my favourite seaside town in the UK.

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