Five travel tweeters everyone should follow

I am a huge fan of Twitter, it’s my favourite of all the social media todoings and I follow a lot of travel tweeters on there. Some of them are just awful! Just awful and their posts are bobbins. But some are great; they are witty, engaged and are interesting to read. So to help you separate the wheat from the chaff I’ve put together a list of my five favourite travel tweeters. (Side note: I really don’t know why people write lists with 50 or more entries. I’d imagine they don’t get so distracted as me – oh, look, pretty!)

2 Food trippers on Twitter


‘We eat. We travel. We eat and travel.’ – what a great tag line to a website. 2foodtrippers, Daryl and Mindi, have a great website and a great twitter presence. They travel and eat, eat and travel – I don’t know what more anyone would want. Follow now!

The Crowded Planet on Twitter

 ‘Finding Nature Everywhere’ – Another tag line that sits well with me. I’m a huge nature fan. I don’t like the outdoors but, you know, nature is enough to get me outside. Actually, it’s people outdoors who bug me but, if they are removed (first job on my list when I finally get super powers), then I love all things nature. As well as great blogs on their site (I have to write their, as I know there are two of them but I can’t find their names on their site – I’ll tweet to ask), there are really amazing photos, too, and they tweet some cool stuff. Check them out here.

Follow Nora Dunn on Twitter

‘Travelling Full Time in a Financially Sustainable Way’ – never managed this myself but this wonderful woman, Nora Dunn, seems to. I love her blog and her twitter feed reflects someone I imagine is a warm and friendly person. Follow her here.


Follow The Wrold Pursuit on Twitter

 ‘Travel Different’ – that is oddly hard to do, though Natasha and Cameron appear to be doing just that. They are such a nice-looking couple, not just in an ‘I’m sure they’ll have gorgeous children’ kind of way, but they just seem like they would be so much fun to go with on some adventures. Check them out.

My wanderlist on Twitter

‘Authentic Adventure Travel’ – there’s none of that guided fake stuff for this crazy mofo – can I say mofo? I think it’s rude, anyway… move along. This man really is doing what so many travel bloggers talk about. He’s rapidly approaching his 50th country visited and he’s done some of the most amazing things. Don’t miss his blog or his twitter feed here.

Well that’s it. There would be more but it turns out lots of my other favourite travel bloggers don’t follow me back. Harsh! When they eventually realise what they are missing on my wonderful Twitter stream full of too many cat pics and a little too much sarcasm, they’ll follow me and I might mention them here.

Who is your favourite travel blogger type person on Twitter?


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Five Tweeters Everyone Should Follow