I want to live a life WORTH writing about...

For the last 10 years I've travelled the world collecting memories. In that time, I've written five

novels that have drawn from these experiences and shared travel tips and advice through my website.

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Travel Section - Dante Harker

Dante Harker's Novels

Travel Section - Dante Harker

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Free Short Stories

Turn up the Steam - NEW short story, well super short story really - just something I blasted out, as you do.

Tia - bit sad this one, if you make it to the end without a tear in your eyes you're basically dead inside. 

Move – a bitter-sweet tale of a boy losing his mum and perhaps gaining a superpower.

The Hunting Analyst – the dark comic story of a man dealing with a mid-life crisis.

Life Coach – More midlife crisis stuff; I love this story, it ends well.

Scout Troop – a sort of horror story, more amazing than scary. I like this story a lot!


...There are several other free stories to read on this page and even the odd play.


Super excited to be heading off To Slovenia - there will be lots of posts across all my social media todoings. Read this post for more details... Read More

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