I want to live a life WORTH writing about...

Hello, I'm Dante Harker and for the last 10 years I've travelled the world with my partner, having adventures and collecting memories.

In that time, I've written five novels that have drawn from those experiences and shared travel adventures and advice through my website.

The Latest

My first solo adventure  - Dante Harker
Half Naked Halloween - Dante Harker

I love Halloween! And this year it involves Fright Night at Thorpe Park, then driving back up to Birmingham for two nights in the Park Regis (love a fancy hotel). And gaining points for my Epic Quest by going as Oberon from Midsummer Night's Dream. Off to this event! For all the fun follow on Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

Over the ten weeks running up to our trip in November I'm writing 10 stories from over the last ten years of travelling. Things I haven't written about before, mostly because they aren't my best moments. They are usually me lost, nearly dying or being kicked out of a country by the army. Have a read. 

A Komodo Fairy Tale

This is the first travel anecdote, a fun tale about taking a boat to Komodo Island - have a read it's fun - here.

My volcanic brush with death - Dante Harker

This is the third weekly travel anecdote I'm writing over the next ten weeks before my upcoming trip. This is a fun story, have a read

Who wants to teach English anyway

Turns out teaching English wasn't for us - find out where here

Karma in the Atacama - Dante Harker

Hiring a 4x4 in the Atacama - how hard can that be - find out here

Off the Beaten Track - Philippines

This was our first 'off the beaten track' adventure - the Philippines is a fun place to explore. See how it went here

The time we were attached by monkeys - Dante Harker

This is the 4th travel anecdote that I'm writing over the weeks before we set off on one way tickets this November - click to read more.

That time we pushed our way into Venezuela

This is the 6th story of 10 - one of the fun times we probably could have died - but didn't - yay - read more here

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