Having adventures, then writing about them... that's pretty much it really.

Hey, I'm Dante Harker, welcome to my website. 

I'm a fiction and travel writer with a love of photography and trying new things. 

I've travelled to 52 countries so far in search of adventure and finding things to write about. This site is a mix of useful travel blogs, some interesting fiction and my Epic Quest


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A Touch of Fiction! 

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Cats in a Bag - a dark tale by Dante Harker

Why not check out some of my fiction. I have books you can buy, like my latest novel Escape the Race.

Move – a bitter-sweet tale of a boy losing his mum and perhaps gaining a superpower.

The Hunting Analyst – the dark comic story of a man dealing with a midlife crisis.

Life Coach – More midlife crisis stuff; I love this story, it ends well.

and lots of free short stories that you can read, well, for free. Check them all out here.

Fresh from the Blog 

7 Must-See Sights to Add to Your Bucket-List

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How to get more Instagram Followers

With over 400 million active users on Instagram it’s fair to say that Instagram is massively popular.


More so than Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest,and once you get past the fact that so many people insist on filling their profiles with selfies, there are some stunning pictures to be found on there.


On Instagram the average user has around 150 followers and the most posted picture is a selfie – a step forward from a picture of a person’s dinner which is what you used to see a while back.


Now unless your face or more likely your body is particularly hot, posting selfies is not going to get you many followers (around 150 apparently). 


If you are someone who wants to grow their following, be that as a blogger, writer, or just crazy egotist like me, then there are things you can do to help bring  in those likes and followers.

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